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Warrior (Alpha Mountain 3) FREE First 3 Chapters

Alpha Mountain: Warrior Chapter One   QUINCY   There was nothing better than the feel of the stick between my thighs. Okay, maybe there was a different kind of stick that felt pretty good in that location. And maybe only one specific stick I preferred at that. I would never forget the glory of that […]

Alpha Mountain: Hero

PROLOGUE FORD Buck and I carried the empty keg between us.  Here in Sparks, there was no war. No enemy. The only chance of being killed tonight was from alcohol poisoning or getting eaten by a bear. We were used to moving around under the cover of darkness, but that was to evade the enemy, […]

Desired – Prologue and Chapter One

Desired Two Marks, Book 3   Prologue   RACHEL   Chester, my so-called boyfriend, pulled up in front of my parents’ Palo Alto mansion and parked his convertible BMW in the circle drive. From the window, I couldn’t miss the pale blue shirt, or the way his dark hair was perfect. That meant he had […]

“A sexy tale for modern women that's as steamy as a locker room shower.”

~Kirkus Reviews